My name is Bridget King. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband of 40 odd years. My two beautiful daughters live nearby. In the mid 1970’s, I started travelling as a young girl - way before babies and establishing our thriving architectural practice. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I thought it essential to gain work experience as young architectural students not only in traditional architectural companies but also in the “office of the world”. So off we trouped to the UK, bought a combie van mid winter and took in vast chunks of Europe, staying in whatever camping grounds were open. We had so much fun, meeting other young ‘hippies’ all dedicated to ‘getting there’ as cheaply as possible. We had many a night of cheap Chianti and cheese and biscuits in the back of the van – we thought we were living like kings.

We could not wait to get back ‘there’ again once we graduated and this time after a 3 year stint in the UK, we embarked on the most amazing return journey to Australia – a year backpacking, taking any transport available – horse and cart, bus, train, open tray truck, sleeping in tea houses, backpackers and under the stars starting in Egypt, then to Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Burma then home. This was the start of our endless epic journey, our “work experience in the office of the world”. We have now been to over 90 countries.

In our blood (and highly infectious), the travel bug has affected our girls who at very early ages travelled with us and now on their own. They have each been to over 40 countries and are still in their 20’s! Up until recently I have snapped the odd photo leaving the serious stuff to my husband, but all that changed when I acquired a beautiful camera and now I am obsessed. My camera is my best friend. 2 years ago, on my travels and whilst in Arizona, I stumbled across a beautiful leather cushion which featured a digital image of cowgirls – iconic for that part of the USA. I fell in love with it and seeing it planted ‘a seed’ in my mind.

Back home again, I started to caste around in my own backyard – What was important to Melbournians? What do we readily identify with? What are our icons? So encouraged by my youngest daughter Katie, I took my trusty camera out and shot the ‘Skipping Girl’ – a much loved icon in Melbourne. She was the starting point, the inspiration for the Our Backyard Series.