My name is Bridget King. I live in Melbourne, Australia (with my husband of 40 odd years) and until recently I have practised as an architect with my husband. Since retiring professionally I have 'upped the anti' and travelled almost continuously and, until recently I had been content to leave my husband photograph our travels. That all changed when I acquired a beautiful camera and now I am obsessed. My camera is my best friend. And in the over 90 countries that I have now visited I am constantly searching common themes - icons and landmarks. 

As a traveller, I have always been fascinated by “that soft underbelly” that differentiates one place from another and the essence and unique energy that defines that place. I love to wander, to watch the waking moments of each new place, the gentle interactions and slowness of movement, the soft light and long shadows. For me, this helps to identify what is important to that place, what the icons are and how important landmarks interplay and it is through photography that I attempt to capture this.

As a result of this fascination I have created a series of cushions for indoor and outdoor use based on my interpretations of the world. Each image comes with its own story which has been printed on the back of every cushion.

 Each place is unique. The imagery is constantly evolving as I continue to wander the world. Curiosity is my driver. Just as each place is unique, the photographic and print process I use is also unique, so, this ensures no two images will ever be the same, each cushion will be unique.



We would also like to thank everyone who has helped make our vision come to life –

Bryce Ford, Creative
For your knowledge, your exceptional creativity and your belief in us.

Nev Miles, Production Consultant
What would we do without you? No words could express how grateful we are.

Tori Allen, Stylist/Art Director & Zoe Weir, Stylist/Art Director

To both of you, for the incredibly beautiful campaign images featured here on our website,
your unswerving enthusiasm and amazing style. We could not have achieved such striking imagery without you both.

Tori Simson, Photographer

For capturing such strong, vibrant images. And of course, for your patience with the final editing process !

And lastly to Geoff/Dad
For your unwavering support.