As an architect, passionate photographer and intrepid traveller, I have always been fascinated by “that soft underbelly” that differentiates one place from another and the essence and unique energy that defines that place.

I love to wander, to watch the waking moments of each new place, the gentle interactions and slowness of movement, the soft light and long shadows. For me, this helps to identify what is important to that place, what the essence may be, what the icons are and how important landmarks interplay.

Through photography I attempt to capture this essence and energy, the iconography and the landmarks. Each place is unique.

The need to express my understandings of the world as I see it, forced me to look at different visual media and I deliberately chose one that is non-stereotypical. As a consequence, I have developed a series of unique cushions (for outdoor and indoor use), each cushion face showing my imagery and reflecting my interpretations.

My imagery is whimsical and colourful. Colour is important to me. Colour used unexpectedly is evocative.My imagery is constantly evolving as I continue to wander the world. Curiosity is my driver.

Just as each place is unique, the photographic and print process I use is also unique, so, this ensures no two images will ever be the same, each cushion will be unique.